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Nilavarai Bottomless Well

The Nilavarai Well is popular attraction in Jaffna lying in Nilavarai in the Navakkiri GS area of Valikaamam East division. Some times referred to as a bottomless well or Deep Well, this well is caused by collapse of the top layer, exposing a limestone cavern connected to a underground water source. It is said that this well never dries up even during severe drought and the water is used by the farmers in the surrounding area. It is said that the 1st 40 feet of water in the well is fresh and turns saline further down. It is believed that this water source is connected to the Keerimalai Freshwater Pool and said that a lime fruit thrown to the well will appear in the Keerimalai sea which lies 10km way from this well.It is often speculated that the place name Nilavarai might have come from Nilavarai linking the place name with the subterranean water source. The well is always referred to as Nilavarai. However, there is a strong possibility that the place name might have come from the natural vegetation Nilavarai, which is abundantly found in the locality.