Security Force Headquarters - (Jaffna)

To be an effective instrument to the Government Endeavour to cultivate national harmony in Jaffna Peninsula through uplifting the physical quality of life and spiritual value of the people.

General Kobbekaduwa Monument

Lt Gen Denzil Kobbekaduwa led some of the most successful military operations in the early part of the Sri Lankan Civil War, such as Vadamarachchi Operation and Operation Balavegaya. He was mortally wounded and his commanders and staff killed when the Land Rover they were travelling in hit a land mine in the island of Kayts while making preparations for Operation Final Countdown the proposed invasion of the Jaffna Peninsula. Since the launching pad for the offensive was the island of Kayts. General Kobbekaduwa moved to Karainagar naval base by helicopter with his staff. He spent much of the night planning the upcoming offensive with Brigadier Vijaya Wimalaratne, Jaffna Brigade Commander and Commodore Mohan Jayamaha. Due to concerns of the navy about the staging area, it was decided to visit the Araly point the next day. At 8.00 am the group made up of Maj Gen, Brigadier Wimalaratne and Commodore Jayamaha along with several other officers headed out on a naval patrol boat towards Jaffna and returned to Kayts pier. From there they set out to Araly Point. Halfway they all used one vehicle as to not to attract fire from LTTE units in the Jaffna peninsula which was only one-half kilometer away. They reached Araly Point and had a discussion and headed back when the Land Rover was consumed by an explosion. The existing monument has been constructed on the same place where the explosion occurred.