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To be an effective instrument to the Government Endeavour to cultivate national harmony in Jaffna Peninsula through uplifting the physical quality of life and spiritual value of the people.

17th January 2021 16:15:30 Hours

Major General Senerath Bandara Completes His Tenure as Commander Security Force - Jaffna

Major General Senarath Bandara who held the office of the Commander Security Force (Jaffna) for over 05 months, relinquished the appointment on 16 January 2021 to assume office as Chief of Staff of Sri Lanka Army. Prior to leaving Jaffna, the outgoing Commander Security Force – Jaffna appreciatively addressed the under command troops. He offered his gratitude to all ranks serving in respective formations for high standard of professionalism maintained during the period and committed service rendered to maintain a peaceful environment in Jaffna peninsula. On 16 January, he was accorded a Guard of Honour at the Security Force Headquarters - Jaffna by the troops of 12th Gemunu Watch.

Before being appointed the Commander Security Force - Jaffna on 09 August 2020, Major General Senarath Bandara served as Commander Security Force – East. He held many responsible Command and Staff appointments in the organization and has followed a number of local and foreign courses.

Since the day he took over the office as Commander Security Force - Jaffna, Major General Senarath Bandara initiated several measures to enhance security of Jaffna peninsula which enabled strengthening the public confidence towards the Security Force deployed in Jaffna peninsula while maintaining peaceful and free environment for the population.

The senior officer initiated special programmes to uplift the standard of training of officers and other ranks to improve their knowledge and skills to be professional members of the Army. On his directives, many infrastructure and welfare facilities were improved at under command formations for the benefit of troops serving in Jaffna peninsula. As a battle-hardened officer, his visionary command facilitated operational and administrative requirements of troops to face security challenges and ensure the security of Jaffna population.

Major General Senarath Bandara guided under command troops to drive a number of welfare programmes to relieve the needy people in Jaffna affected by Covid 19 pandemic situation. With the patronage of incumbent government, as the District Coordinator, he coordinated Covid 19 control operations along with the assistant of health sector and government officials in which Security Force (Jaffna) launched mega awareness programmes and functioned Intermediate Care Centers to heal thousands of civilians came from several parts of the island and foreign returnees.

He was highly recognized and commended by the local and foreign diplomats who visited Security Force Headquarters (Jaffna) during his tenure. He was greatly praised by the community in Jaffna peninsula for the efforts made to uplift the living standards of deserving people and most social welfare projects. With the assistance of foreign and local well-wishers, he initiated necessary action to construct a number of houses for shelterless people, distributed dry ration and basic commodities for the deserving and facilitated children and elders in care centers. The under command troops were directed by him with synergic efforts to assist the civil community who were affected by disasters and other adverse conditions.

Besides social welfare projects, Major General Senarath Bandara promoted Sri Lanka Army as an environmental protection force continuing mega reforestation-cum-plantation projects and many environment cleaning and coastal belt reservation projects in Jaffna peninsula. Upon his visionary guidelines, Jaffna troops renovated the ‘Uppu Vajal Kulam’ agriculture tank in Vaddukoddai to provide much needed water resource for the agriculture community. In view of promoting peace and reconciliation, and restoring cultural harmony, many religious festivals were coordinated by Jaffna troops under his directives. Thus, the Katina Pooja of Tissa Raja Maha Viharaya Kankesanthurai was held after 67 years with the assistance of troops guided by the senior officer.

On his exceptional guidance and coordination, 1800 graduates in Jaffna peninsula were groomed and trained at the first stage of the Orientation Programme for Graduates which conducted in line with government’s programme to recruit 50000 graduates to public sector.

The outgoing Commander Security Force Jaffna, a Senior Officer with about 35 years service leaves an indelible mark in Jaffna as a professional soldier, diplomat and a visionary leader. We, www.cimicjaffna.com wishe him success in all future endeavours.