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“We Must Live Like Children of One Mother”
[Updated :: 2012-04-18 15:20:14 Hours]
On our journey to meet people in Jaffna, this week we met a lovely personality who believes in all religions alike and giving his blessing and compassion to all who comes to him for any kind of assistance. Prof. Subramaniyam Leelakrishnan lives on Mudaliyar Canagasabai road in Manippay............ [Read More..]

He Duplicates Nature on Canvas
[Updated :: 2011-09-25 13:10:18 Hours]
We express our emotions and feelings in different forms such as words, tear, smile and body movement etc. some geniuses skillfully use their pen and brush to do this. The CIMIC team during their journey across the peninsula to meet special people in Jaffna met a youth who made painting a part of his life............ [Read More..]

I made my hobby a living
[Updated :: 2011-08-22 09:20:08 Hours]
He sees what others do not see. He sees some beauty in each and every object he meets. He captures them and shows them to the world because he is a professional photographer. Gurunathan Sri Ranganathan met us during our tour across the peninsula while he was working in ............ [Read More..]

A Master in Silver Craft
[Updated :: 2011-07-29 16:30:20 Hours]
As you pass the Sivam Kovil on the Kankesanthurai (KKS) road in Jaffna city, your attention is drawn to a sound of scratch of metal. Turn to your right. You see an old house yearning for an immediate repair. Peep into the small house from where you get the metal scratching sound............... [Read More..]

God is Present in Your Adversity
[Updated :: 2011-06-01 15:08:10 Hours]
God is always there where you serve others with love. God lives in kind hearts. God is present when you are in distress although you do not see him. However, this week CIMIC team was blessed to spend a few minutes with a person dedicated to serve God, pray God for others, and who has............ [Read More..]

She is a Symbol of Courage
[Updated :: 2011-04-27 19:10:15 Hours]
I“Behind Every Successful Man There is a Woman” is a general saying known to all. However, this week CIMIC team met a Successful Woman running a holiday inn at Chunnakam.This educated and elderly woman namely Anula Radalage Meier, unfolded her story before us with a smile on her face.............. [Read More..]

I Started Palm Reading as a Hobby
[Updated :: 2011-03-06 16:56:28 Hours]
People are born to the world with some skills. Majority use those skills for the benefit of the world, serving the mankind and the nature.CIMIC team this week met a senior Jaffna citizen who has learnt an interesting science, astrology. Mr. Kanthaiya Thanabalasingham started learning the art of reading others’ future in his young age.Born in 1937 at Alavai North, a charming village close to Point Pedro (PPD), little Kanthaiya.....................[Read More..]

Merchant of Nelliady
[Updated :: 2011-01-28 16:56:28 Hours]
In the world of Shylock-type business people who tend to exploit customers for pennies, cimicjaffna.lk team this week found a kind-hearted Samaritan in a wealthy merchant at beautiful northern town of Nelliady. By the name of Agilathas, this 46 year old popular and leading textile shop owner is a good example for the success through courage. He is the owner of “Nellai Silk” textile shop of Nalliady. . ....... [Read More..]

He Heals Fractures & Pains
[Updated :: 2011-01-08 11:28:37 Hours]
WAll religious doctrines advocates that treating and curing the sick is noble and meritorious. Lord Buddha preached that attending to sick people is similar to paying homage to Lord Buddha himself. King Buddhadasa of ancient Sri Lanka was famous for his art of curing not only ailing people but ailing animals. . ....... [Read More..]

“Love Is Divine, Share It with Others” - Ishwara Sarma
[Updated :: 2010-10-24 17:06:07 Hours]
World’s existence depends on Love, something you get more and more when you share it with others. Love is preached by all religious leaders born on this earth, and it is considered divine. Cause for all conflicts in the present world is that man refrains from practising giving love to others. However, . ....... [Read More..]

Kumarasami Ruthra, NAITA Instructor
[Updated :: 2010-09-17 14:25:35 Hours]
Kumarasami Ruthra, a twenty four year old studious boy from Uduvil area is an old pupil of Kokuvil Hindu College. Without waiting until opportunities came to him, Kumar, as soon as he finished advanced level in science stream, decided to find opportunities by . ....... [Read More..]

Thangaraja Siriranjan, innovative miller
[Updated :: 2010-09-05 08:01:18 Hours]
When you travel a few meters beyond the Chullipuram junction passing Manippay, Santhilippay and Chankanai from Jaffna, you will meet Thangaraja Siriranjan (40), an innocent and innovative miller who produces sesame oil using a hand tractor fixed to traditional domestic oil mill (Grinding Pestle or Sekkuwa). ....... [Read More..]
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