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God is Present in Your Adversity
[Updated :: 2011-06-01 15:08:10 Hours]

God is always there where you serve others with love. God lives in kind hearts. God is present when you are in distress although you do not see him. However, this week CIMIC team was blessed to spend a few minutes with a person dedicated to serve God, pray God for others, and who has developed mental power gained through regular religious practices.

Rathnasabhapathy Iyar Ketheeswara Kurukkal, the chief priest of Ussan Kandaswami Kovil, Mirusuvil was born in 1961.This small child, when reached his school age, was sent to Ussan Ramanathan Maha Viththiyalam where he studied up to G.C.E.O/L.

As serving God is hereditary from his father, Somasunthara Iyar Rathnasabhapathy Kurukkal, young Ketheeswara joined conducting of pooja of their Kovil as a priest at the age of 15.

“My father is a Jaffna Tamil and mother, Sangaree Amma is a lady of Indian origin,” Ussan Temple Swami (as he is known to many) told us.

“We were displaced due to terrorist activities and came back to Inuvil after the Army took over the area in 1996 or so,” said the Swami attempting to recall the past.

Rathnasabhapathy Iyar Ketheeswara Kurukkal is married to Kanaka Ambiga of Uduvil, and has got one daughter and two sons.

“I am happy about Jaffna’s present situation. All have freedom to live without fear. There are some areas on which development projects should be extended. Rural villages must be supplied with electricity and IT education should be given to all students because they are signs of development,” he firmly told.

Swami further added that wave of crimes should not be tolerated. According to him, it destroys people’s liberty of living.

“When Army persons are on the road, there are no crimes,” a smiling Swamy claimed touching his long grey beard.

He is gifted by God with the skill of telling others’ future. Just after the morning pooja he forecasts future events and tell others’ fortune.

“When Gen. Sunil Tennakoon was at the 55 Division I used to tell him about LTTE mortar falls in advance. And they never missed,” he proudly said.

His brother is the chief priest of Hanuman Temple at Chunnakam.

We got his blessing before the departure. You may contact him through 0777238561.

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