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Kumarasami Ruthra, NAITA Instructor
[Updated :: 2010-09-17 14:25:35 Hours]

“I Taught Them Masonry & They Taught Me Sinhala.”

Kumarasami Ruthra, a twenty four year old studious boy from Uduvil area is an old pupil of Kokuvil Hindu College. Without waiting until opportunities came to him, Kumar, as soon as he finished Advanced Level in science stream, decided to find opportunities by himself and finally joined the Government Polytechnical Institute at Thirunelveli where he followed one year course on Building Construction.

“I successfully got trough the final test and later received on-the-job training for six months,” he revealed.

Kumar is presently working as an instructor on building construction at the National Apprentice and Industrial Training Authority (NAITA) in Jaffna.

This hard working young fellow met the cimicjaffna.com team while he was conducting lectures and practical sessions on masonry to forty five Jaffna soldiers at the vocational training centre at Jaffna Sinhala Maha Vidyalaya ground.

Kumar says, “I am happy to be with these soldiers. They are very friendly and enthusiastic in learning things.”

He is the third of a family with three sons and two daughters.

Answering the question about his future hopes, Kumar said, “I want to be more professional in my career so I am following a diploma courses on Civil Engineering at Vavuniya University.”

“I consider it a great privilege for me to teach masonry to these young soldiers. Now they are my students.” Kumar continued with a charming smile, “Interesting thing that happened during the training period is my students taught me Sinhala.”

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