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'Yapapatunai Daham Amavai' Vesak Celebration in Jaffna from 29 April to 01 May 2018

[2018-05-03 16:54:20]

The 'Yapapatunai Daham Amavai' Vesak Zone was inaugurated in the Jaffna town on 29th April 2018 as a concept of the Commander, Security Force - Jaffna, Major General Darshana Hettiarrachchi.

Prior to the opening of the Vesak Zone Commander, Security Force - Jaffna and all ranks attended the exposition of Sacred Relics which was organized for the first time in the history in Jaffna Peninsula.

The first day of the 'Yapapatunai Daham Amavai' Vesak Zone was declared open by High Court Judge in Jaffna Mr. M Ilancheliyan as the Chief Guest. Consulate General of India in Jaffna, Mr. S Balachandran also participated in the occasion. Large crowd approximately 30000 people gathered to see the splendor of the Vesak Zone in Jaffna. Exhibition of colorful and innovative Vesak Lanterns which were made by the soldiers of all battalions based in Jaffna added significance to the event. The giant Vesak Pandol lit with more than 27,000 electric bulbs using modern technology attracted the spectators. The Vesak Pandol depicted 'Swarna Hansa Jathakaya' which was organized by the troops of 511 Brigade.

More than 12,000 people had dinner at the Dansala organized by 513 Brigde. Another attractive feature of the Vesak Zone was the presentation of devotional songs (Vesak Bhakthi Gee) sung in both Tamil and Sinhala by the students of Nawatkkuli Maha Vidyalaya and the members of the Army organized by the 522 Brigade. 'Yapapatunai Daham Amavai' Vesak Zone favoured to enhance religious co-existence and mutual relationship among the communities.

Religious leaders, District Secretary (Jaffna), the Commander, Security Force - Jaffna, Major General Darshana Hettiarrachchi, senior military officers, senior Police officers, invitees distinguished guests and people in Jaffna were present at the 'Yapapatunai Daham Amavai' Vesak Zone held from 29th April to 1st May 2018.

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