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Second Stage of Nallinakkapuram Model Village Project Handed Over to Civilians

[2018-03-31 22:35:25]

Newly constructed 25 houses in the Keeramalai housing project were handed over to 25 families in Jaffna area by the Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake at a ceremony held at Keeramalai on 30 March 2018.

These houses were constructed as the second stage of Nallinakkapuram Model Village Project. The project is aimed at providing houses for displaced persons in Jaffna area in line with the government reconciliation plan.

Under the guidance of the Commander, Security Force - Jaffna, Major General Darshana Hettiarrachchi, constructions of Keeramalai project was commenced on 7 September 2017 with total contribution of workforce by the Army.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Commander of the Army highlighted that the Army is working as an effective instrument to the Government's endeavor to uplift the physical standards of lives while appreciating the enormous contribution made by the soldiers. Further he stated that many more private lands which are occupied by the Army will be released in the future and it is the prime responsibility of everyone to ensure peace and harmony for further development of the Jaffna Peninsula.

District Secretary (Jaffna), Additional Secretary (Land), Divisional Secretary (Theleppalai), beneficiaries, villagers, number of Senior Army Officers and Army personnel also attended the ceremony.

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