Security Forces Headquarters - (Jaffna)

To be an effective instrument to the Government Endeavour to cultivate national harmony in Jaffna Peninsula through uplifting the physical quality of life and spiritual value of the people.

51 Division

During 1980 various terrorist organizations initiated communal riots in the Jaffna peninsula out of whom Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam was appeared to be stronger and that dominated the Jaffna town. As a result the civil administration of the Jaffna became unstable. It forced the Sri Lankan Government to go for a Military movement and hence established 51 Infantry Division in order to launch the RIVIRESA operation to regain the control of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam foremost strong hold Jaffna. After successfully completion of the operation, 51 Division was established in the Jaffna town and created a peaceful environment for the Tamil community in Jaffna by improving the livelihood of the people and involving the nation building programs.

In accordance with the concept of the Commander Security Force Jaffna Major General M Hathurusinghe RSP ndc IG, 51 Division was re-deployed in KOPAY on 04th March 2011. The 51 Division became the first permanent Army Camp in the Jaffna peninsula after termination of the three decades long war and made to the history by then Commander of Sri Lanka Army General J Jayasuriya RWP USP ndu psc. The 51 Division AOR is located in Jaffna Administrative District consisting 328.7 km2 of land area.

51 Division was inaugurated with the command of Brigadier HNW Dais RWP RSP USP IG and it has been commanded by 27 commanders. It’s consisting with 04 Brigades affiliating with the 08 Battalions to provide security of the Jaffna area in order to maintain the normalcy. Following senior officers have served as the General Officer Commanders during the past history that expands over twenty four years.


Maj Gen HNW Dias RWP RSP VSV USP ndc IG 24.08.1995 12.09.1996
Maj Gen KJC Perera RWP RSP VSV USP rcds psc 13.09.1996 23.12.1996
Maj Gen LP Balagalla VSV USP ndc IG 24.12.1996 19.11.1997
Maj Gen SHS Kottegoda RWP RSP USP 20.11.1997 16.07.1998
Maj Gen PSP Munasinghe RWP RSP USP 17.07.1998 06.11.1998
Maj Gen NR Marambe RSP USP psc 07.11.1998 14.01.2000
Maj Gen GBW Jayasundara RWP RSP 15.01.2000 03.10.2001
Maj Gen  TTR De Silva RWP RSP USP psc 04.10.2001 16.01.2004
Brig SG Karunaratne RWP RSP psc 17.01.2004 22.05.2004
Maj Gen WUB Edirisinghe 23.05.2004 07.09.2004
Maj Gen UBL Fernando RWP RSP psc 08.09.2004 01.01.2005
Maj Gen P Pannipitiya RSP USP 02.01.2005 20.12.2005
Maj Gen  LBR Mark RSP USP 21.12.2005 01.09.2008
Maj Gen SM De A Rajapakse RWP RSP Ldmc ndu 02.09.2008 13.11.2008
Brig PWB Jayasundara USP psc USACGSC IG 14.11.2008 08.08.2009
Brig MKD Perera RWP RSP USP 09.08.2009 16.02.2010
Brig  KLAS Wijesinghe RSP psc IG 17.02.2010 30.07.2010
Maj Gen  NJ Walgama RSP USP psc 31.07.2010 09.09.2011
Brig AP de Z Wickramaratne RWP ndu psc 10.09.2011 20.08.2012
Brig DMDCD Gunawardana psc 21.08.2012 27.05.2013
Brig BWDP Abeynayake USP 28.05.2013 12.08.2014
Brig M KD Perera RWP RSP USP ndu 13.08.2014 28.10.2014
Brig SK Thirunavukarasu USP 14.10.2014 11.01.2015
Maj Gen CP Gallage WWV RWP RSP USP USAWC 12.06.2015 04.02.2016
Maj Gen MMS Perera psc 05.02.2016 02.01.2018
Maj Gen  AWMPR Seneviratne RSP VSV USP ndu IG 03.01.2018 26.06.2019
Maj Gen  BAL Ratnayake  26.06.2019 30.09.2020
Maj Gen KPS Premalal RWP RSP USP - SLA 01.10.2020 31.03.2021
Maj Gen DMKDB Pussella RWP RSP 31.03.2021 26.10.2021
Maj Gen MGWWWMCB Wickramasinghe RWP RSP ndu psc MA (IR) 27.10.2021 05.06.2022
Maj Gen KAA Udaya Kumara RSP USP USAWC psc 07.06.2022 Up to Date

Major General KAA Udaya Kumara RSP USP USAWC psc
General Officer Commanding
51 Infantry Division